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 The Third Congress in Brief (2015)

Another accomplishment was achieved again for Iran and world hypnotism science in April 2015  After holding two successful congresses - International Hypnotism Congress in Mashhad , and the Third International Clinical Hypnotism Congress in Tehran ,Razi conference hall - which were held by the efforts of Dr. Mehdi Fathi , associate professor of cardiac anesthesia in Mashad university of medical sciences , and secretary of Iranian scientific society of clinical Hypnosis (ISSCH), in 9-11 April 2015.
This congress was held by ISSCH,Mashhad university of medical sciences and with the scientific coopertaion of Iran psychologists scientific association, Razi medical and psychological international association in Germany and universal hypnotism association and ISH. There were 700 specialists in different medical fields such as psychology , anesthesia, psychiatry and consultation attending to the congress. This congress was welcomed widely in a way that it had 22 international and 42 national lecturers. 70 articles were accepted in this congress which 8 of them were selected for oral presentation , 41 as posters and 10 as advanced workshops. One of the honors of this congress was the presence of Europian society of hypnosis principals, hypnotism specialist guests and international society of hypnosis members from countries such as italy, france , poland , belgium and germany.Applications of hypnosis in medicine , anesthesia and analgesia, psychological interventions , dentistry, midwifery and nursing , psychiatric disorders , models and theories of hypnotism and were the main subjects of this congress. 
In addition , perception and recognition of brain design models , hypnotism and brain stimulative technologies , neuroscience, neurofeedback , psycho-cybernetic and sport hypnosis were also the other subjects of the congress.